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For any filming purpose – would it be a feature film, documentary, commercial, or a TV production – Indonesia is an ultimate destination for it. The world’s biggest archipelago, stretching from Singapore down to Australia, consists of more than seventeen thousand islands and combines everything THE BEST Asia has to offer.

Rich, diverse culture, fascinating history, bustling metropolises, and traditional communities living on the outskirts of civilization, spectacular nature, endemic wildlife, fantastic landscapes, active volcanoes, jungle, coral reefs, pristine beaches, unpopulated islands – the list of Indonesia’s highlights is long and diverse.


With a population of almost 260 million, Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country and is home to over 300 hundred ethnic groups using more than 700 hundred languages and dialects. That only makes it one of the most unique and fascinating parts of the planet. Indonesia has been a melting pot of cultures and religions for almost two thousand years. It remains as such until now, what is represented by its national motto, „Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” („unity in diversity”).

Indonesia is one of those few places on Earth, where the followers of almost all world’s religions have been living side by side in peace for generations. Only here some people live in modern cities, use smartphones and the Internet, while others build their houses on the top of the trees and practice ritual cannibalism. Indonesia is a vast destination, and there are many stories to be told here. We know it inside-out, and we will help you to find the right story and the perfect location to film it.

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in Indonesia

Step by step


The process of applying for a filming permit in Indonesia is quite complicated, and it requires simultaneous action both on the applicant’s side in his country and the production support company in Indonesia.

The applicant should take the following steps:

Apply for a journalist visa to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) in the applicant’s country. NOTE: We recommend doing it at least 30 days before your planned date of departure to Indonesia (60 days in the case of a feature film production).

Provide to the Embassy of RI the following documents:
1) Copy of passports of all the crew members involved in the project;
2) Details of the company applying for filming permits as well as personal data of all the crew members involved in the project and their positions;
3) Synopsis of the project to be filmed;
4) Details of the production support company, which will be the applicant’s partner in Indonesia. NOTE: Having a local LICENSED production company as a partner is obligatory for all foreign companies planning to film in Indonesia. Journalist visas and filming permits are NO LONGER ISSUED for any individual or „freelance” filmmakers.

5) Complete list of the locations which will be used for filming. NOTE: It is crucial to have this list prepared accurately. It’s better to have more locations on that list than less, even if some of them will not be used for filming. Local authorities check that list very carefully, and – if some location is not listed – you won’t be allowed to film there regardless of the general filming permit issued by the Ministry of Culture!
6) Complete list of the equipment used for filming in Indonesia together with its valuation in USD. This must be followed by the written and signed the statement of the intention to re-export the equipment brought to Indonesia upon completion of the film production;
7) Detailed schedule of shooting;

The copy of the documents listed above shall be provided to Durian Production House as an applicant’s local partner and legal „sponsor” in Indonesia;
The Embassy will verify the submitted documents and inform the applicant how much time will be needed to approve and issue the visas. It usually takes between 7 to 14 working days (be aware of many national holidays in Indonesia!) depending on the country where the Embassy is located;
Once the applicant has appointed Durian Production House as its local partner in Indonesia, the Embassy of RI in the applicant’s country of residence will get in touch with us;

Once the journalist visa application is submitted and with coordination with the Embassy of RI in applicant’s country of residence, Durian Production House will contact the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture and apply for the filming permit ON BEHALF of the applicant. NOTE: some regions (for example, West Papua) or events (for example, some religious events) can require additional permits for filming, which should be applied for in advance.
Note that Durian Production House will become the applicant’s legal „sponsor” in Indonesia. That means that Durian Production House takes full legal responsibility for the applicant’s crew activities during filming in Indonesia;


The process of approving the application for filming permits can take up to 14 working days (be aware of many national holidays in Indonesia!). Still, thanks to our excellent contacts in the Ministry of Education and Culture, in exceptional cases, we can arrange the permit even during one working day.
The applicant shall collect the journalist visas from the Embassy of the RI in the country of the applicant’s residence prior to the departure to Indonesia.
Durian Production House, as the sponsor and local partner of the production company, will assist with dealing with Indonesian customs and immigration upon arrival to Indonesia.

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