We have
the nose for
good locations.

We have the NOSE for good locations. From the jungles of Sumatra, Borneo and Papua to the vibrant cities of Jakarta or Medan, through pristine beaches of Maluku and world-famous spots in Bali – we know it all. Our location scouts have been travelling all over Indonesia professionally documenting all kind of locations suitable for any kind of shooting. Durian Production House is very proud to be only production company in Indonesia that have created complete and professional data base of locations in Indonesia. We started with over one hundred sites in Bali only, but we keep working on adding new locations in other islands as well. Each location in our data base is properly categorized and documented with pictures, sometimes also with video footage and drone. We provide information about GPS position, access, conditions on site, available facilities and we have contacts to people responsible for each location which we have negotiated transparent and reasonable rates with. Thanks to this data base we can quickly put together a selection of sample locations suitable for your shooting without send your crew on documentation trip. Efficient, professional and time saving – just another reason to work with us. Below you will find just few samples of locations in Bali, but the full data base is stored on our servers. We will be happy to give you full access to it, shall you choose Durian Production House as you partner in filming in Indonesia.